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3D Renderer And Cutting Simulator 3DRACS 1.1.0 Description:
Rendering Features:
Simple, Easy User friendly interface, Fast.
It can import various well-known 3D mesh formats such as *.stl, *.obj, and *.ply.
It can export and convert these formats. For example, (.stl to .obj), (.obj to .stl), (.ply to .obj), (.obj to .ply), (.stl to .ply), (.ply to .stl), etc.
Any triangular model can be subdivided using Loop, Sqrt(3), Butterfly, 9-Split, 4-Split, 3-Split, and Bi-tri surface subdivision techniques.
It has the ability to perform subdivision on both convex and concave OR open and close models.
Various feature preserving smoothing/fairing algorithms can be implemented on any type of triangular mesh.
Model reduction can be performed on any model.
Mesh polygons can be reduced using Polygon Reduction Algorithm.
Two kinds of Texture mapping can be applied, one is UV texture mapping and other one is projection/shadow mapping.
Various materials, colors, lightings etc. can be rendered onto the mesh model.

Real-time Structured Light 3D Scanning Features:
Real-time 3D scanning can be performed using 3-step, 4-step, or 5-step phase shifting fringe patterns.
Offline 3D scanning can also be performed using pattern projected images.
Two methods are introduced for performing the real-time or offline scanning. 1) Without reference plane. 2) With reference plane.
Phase can be wrapped using 3-step, 4-step, or 5-step, phase shifting algorithms.
Phase unwrapping can be performed using left-to-right, flood-fill, and multilevel quality guided algorithms.
Various phase-to-coordinate conversion algorithms are included.
Coordinates extraction algorithms for collimating projection can also be performed.
Point Cloud or Triangular (*.ply) of the scanned model can be exported to the disk.

CNC Cutting Simulation Features:
This module is introduced for performing the Rafter Processing CNC Machining.
Various tools can be selected for performing the material removal operation i.e., Ball mill, End mill, Aligned Bit, and Rotatable Bit.

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