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Overwrite Program 1.4 Description:
Overwrite Program is a program that overwrites empty space on disk, data and metadata.

The operating systems and programs automatically write and delete data on disk, for example text editors may save copies of the document for recovery and later delete them. Also when users delete files they are only marked as deleted but the files remain on disk and can be recovered.

To protect privacy and security the remaining data on empty space on disk has to be overwritten.

To properly clean remaining data both metadata as file names and content has to be overwritten, this program has parameters as -dirs and -data that specify quantity of metadata and data has to be overwritten.

- It is safe, does not overwrite existing files, and use operating system for overwrite.
- Can be used on different file systems and operating systems, as NTFS EXT4 FAT Windows Linux.
- Different options can be specified, as block size, number of files, quantity of data.
- It is free and open source with general public licence.

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