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.NET Barcode Component for WinForms 1.2 Description:
IncrediBarcode lets developers free to add barcode functionality in any .NET applications. In addition, the simple set of barcode generator classes allows developers to create barcodes on the backend. IncrediBarcode supports most popular 1D (Linear), 2D, and Postal symbologies including Code 128, Code 39, Code 93, EAN, UPA, UPE, EAN & UPC Composite, QR Code, Maxicode, Aztec Code, USPS postal and many more barcodes. It conforms to most of the barcode specifications and standard available now-a-day.


* Support barcode image generation and printing for 56 1D symbologies
* Support barcode image generation and printing for 9 2D symbologies
* Checksum and Supplement Data are supported. IncrediBarcode computes all checksum or check digits automatically
* Easy to customize barcode appearance using properties like text alignment, font, font color, background color, foreground color, barcode alignment, bearer bar, etc.
* Easy to set barcode dimension using properties like BarHeight, Width, Height, ModuleWidth, etc.
* Support customizing bar width ratios and space width ratios.
* Support bar width reduction.
* WYSIWYG editing of barcodes is also supported using GUI based controls

Barcode Imaging

* Customize barcode margins & padding.
* Rotate barcode images to 90, 180, or 270 degrees
* High Quality barcode images
* Anti-Aliasing for barcode
* Auto Sizing of barcode

Platforms Supported

* Window Forms (Incredisoft.Barcode.Win)
* Web Forms (Incredisoft.Barcode.Wpf)
* WPF (Incredisoft.Barcode.Wpf)
* Silverlight (Incredisoft.Barcode.Silverlight)
* .NET Framework Compact (Incredisoft.Barcode.WinNETCF)

Barcode Symbologies Supported

* APStandardCustomer
* APReplyPaid
* APRouting
* APRedirection
* AztecCode
* Code11
* Code128
* Code128B
* Code16k
* Code2of5Matrix
* Code2of5Interleaved
* Code2of5IATA
* Code2

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