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GSA Platform Identifier 1.74 Description:
GSA Platform Identifier is {a powerful|an ultra powerful|a very powerful|an extremely powerful}, {multi-threaded|multithreaded|multi threaded}, Windows based {software|program|computer software|computer program} that {automatically|effortlessly} {identifies|recognizes|detects|classifies|analyzes} and sorts imported {URLS|website URLS|URL's} {based on|based upon} their platform E.G. {Wordpress|Joomla|Drupal}, {BlogEngine|Blogspot|KeywordLuv}, {Vbulletin|Expression Engine|Vanilla Board} and {hundreds|many} more. GSA PI {is able to|has the ability to} {detect|identify|recognize} {hundreds|tons} of {different|various|unique} platforms right out of the box and can {sort|categorize} and {identify|recognize|detect|classify} {thousands of|lots of|loads of} {URLS|website URLS} very {quickly|fast}.

{Using|Working with} {GSA PI|GSA Platform Identifier}, you{'re able to| have the ability to} {easily|quickly|effortlessly} {sort|categorize|sort out} and {identify|classify} all of your {scraped|harvested} {URLS|website URLS|website URL's} {by simply|simply by} importing them into the {software|application|tool}, setting up {a campaign|a project} and {hitting|clicking} go! After {sorting|classifying} is {done|completed|finished}, the {URLS|website URLs} are ready to be imported into your {favorite|preferred} {link|backlink} building software of choice such as GSA Search Engine Ranker for more {efficient|effective} automated link building.

GSA Platform Identifier can also {sort|identify} {links|URLs} {based on|based upon} the keyword {criteria|requirements} you {set|specify} to help {bring in|generate} more "niche {relevant|related}" {URLS|LINKS} to use for your higher quality {link building|link-building} {campaigns|projects}. {For example|For instance}, if {you're|you are} {looking for|searching for|trying to find} URLS that {contain|include} a specific {keyword|keyword phrase} in the <title> tags, Meta data, URL, {domain name|domain}, or {visible|viewable} {text|content} on the page, {GSA Platform Identifier|GSA PI} can automatically {identify|classify} and save them for you.
And we all {know|understand} that using niche {relevant|related|specific} {links|backlinks} are {typically|generally} {more valuable|better} than non-relevant {links|backlinks} which means {higher|increased} search engine {rankings|positions}.

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