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TransLT 2.0 Description:
Main features of TransLT:

* Calculation of transformation parameters and coordinates transformation for 1D, 2D or 3D transformations;
* Coordinates coversions between geographical coordinates systems, geocentric cartesian and the coordinates of a map projection system;
* Supports a large number of map projections (106 map projection methods);
* Supports the majority of the polynomial transformation used in cartography;
* Can use binary grid files or ASCII for coordinates corrections;
* Coordinates transformations can be made using your own calculation formula;
* Coordinates transformations can be made in user defined steps or the steps can be automaticaly generated using the EPSG database;
* Drawing of polygons, paths or points in Google Earth and together with TopoLT can draw graphic entities from AutoCAD or IntelliCAD in Google Earth.
*It was introduced the possibility to upload or download, through internet, transformation models from the database kept on our site. Uploading or downloading the models can be also done directly from TransLT Models page.
*Files with extension .mtr containing transformation models can de opened directly from Windows Explorer.
*It was changed the format of files .mtr, files with the precedent format are still accepted.
*Drawings for Google Earth can also be saved in a format compressed with the extension kmz.
* It was introduced the possibility to choose the order of geographic coordinates from tables and files.
* Transformation accuracy has been added to the model transformation properties and in the database on the Internet.
* At reading information from the EPSG database were added the following information: CRS Scope, Remarks and Information Source.
* It was added the possibility to copy the displayed informations about one CRS or about an operation with coordinates.

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